This video is part of a series of videos dedicated to educating and implementing the steps required to build a portfolio of property in Australia sensibly and efficiently. Anyone can go out and buy a property. That's the easy part. do you build a portfolio of Australian investment property that will replace your current annual income within the next 15 years? Can you answer these questions?: 1. How do I legally eliminate all my income tax? 2. How do I pay off an average 30 year mortgage in 5-7 years using investment property in Australia 3. How do I get my tax back each month instead of the end of the year? 4. Why should I pay of my investment proeprty mortgages? 5. How do I manage/remove almost all the risk? 6. How can I tell if an advisor is licensed, trustworthy and right for me? To find the answers to these questions and much more, register your interest below at