SMSF and Property This is a video in a series of videos explaining all you need to know about Self Managed Superannuation Funds in Australia and how to purchase an investment property. The rules can be very complex and are continually changing so it is very important that you seek the advice and expertise of an SMSF specialist in buying investment property. There are several different strategies you can employ but initially, you need to understand: 1. what an SMSF is 2. The benefits of an SMSF compared with your specific superannuation plan 3. How to set an SMSF up for your needs 4. The costs associated with setting up and running your SMSF 5. How to buy an investment property in Australia 6. How to borrow to buy an investment property 7. What the rules are fpr buying an Australian investment property in your SMSF 8. Where to find an SMSF and investment property specialist you can trust We specialise in helping investors accessing trusted advisor networks as well as providing tools and resources to help improve your investment property knowledge. To learn more please register your interest at: Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list for the latest news and information.